Ground Investigation Clients

Working as an independent testing facility we provide ground investigation/drilling companies with soil testing to support the completion of factual data.

We are equipped to provide comprehensive range of soil, rock and groundwater testing services which meet the British standard BS 1377.

We can offer the following tests together with a sample collection service:

Classification Testing
  • Natural Moisture Content; MC
  • Plasticity Index (Atterberg Limit); PI
  • Plastic Limit (Atterberg Limit Test); PL
  • Liquid Limit (Atterberg Limit Test); LL
  • Particle Density; PD or Specific Gravity; SG
  • Bulk & Dry Density; BD & DD
  • Saturation Moisture Content of Chalk; SMC
  • PSD Grading – Wet & Dry Sieve Methods
  • PSD by Pipette Method (sedimentation)
Performance Testing
  • Dry Density Moisture Content Relationship
    (Compaction); DD/MC, OMC & MDD
  • Moisture Condition Value; MCV
  • Laboratory California Bearing Ratio; CBR
Consolidation Testing
  • One Dimensional Consolidation
  • Swelling Pressure
Permeability Testing
  • Direct Measurement of Permeability
    under Constant Head


Shear Testing
  • Immediate Undrained Shearbox
  • Consolidated Drained Shearbox
  • Laboratory Vane
Triaxial Testing
  • Quick Undrained Triaxial
  • Consolidated Undrained
    & Drained Triaxial
Effective Stress Testing
  • Isotropically Consolidated Undrained Test
  • Isotropically Consolidated Drained Test
Rock Testing
  • Measurement of Uniaxial
    Compressive Strength; UCS
  • Point Load; PL
Chemical Testing
  • pH value
  • Sulphate Content
  • Organic Content
  • Chloride Content
  • BRE SD1 Suite
  • BRE SD1 2005

Our accredited testing is described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here   

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