Contractor Clients

For many years we have supported contractors, providing construction validation testing in relation to ground/external works. Our field technicians can support your project with the following:

  • Large plate bearing tests (to support the
    assessment of formation bearing capacity)
  • Plate load tests (to model plant/vehicle
    loading to temporary and permanent
    hard-standings/engineered fill and
    sub base works)
  • California bearing ratio (CBR) tests
    (to estimate subgrade competency
    and validate installed pavement/
    hard-standing sub-base layers)
  • In-situ density tests (to estimate the
    relative density of base course or subgrade
    materials to a hard-standing/pavement)
  • In situ concrete compressive strength
    testing (including on site sample taking
    and cube making if required)
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing
    (to assess any site excavated material
    going to waste)
  • Soil percolation testing (to determine
    subsoil soakage rates to support project
    drainage design)

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