Geotechnical & Chemical Testing

We are equipped to provide comprehensive geotechnical soil, rock and groundwater testing services (complying with the British Standard BS 1377), together with a suite of chemical testing as below:

Classification Testing
  • Natural Moisture Content; MC
  • Plasticity Index (Atterberg Limit); PI
  • Plastic Limit (Atterberg Limit Test); PL
  • Liquid Limit (Atterberg Limit Test); LL
  • Particle Density; PD or Specific Gravity; SG
  • Bulk & Dry Density; BD & DD
  • Saturation Moisture Content of Chalk; SMC
  • PSD Grading – Wet & Dry Sieve Methods
  • PSD by Pipette Method (sedimentation)
Performance Testing
  • Dry Density Moisture Content Relationship
    (Compaction); DD/MC, OMC & MDD
  • Moisture Condition Value; MCV
  • Laboratory California Bearing Ratio; CBR
Consolidation Testing
  • One Dimensional Consolidation
  • Swelling Pressure
Permeability Testing
  • Direct Measurement of Permeability
    under Constant Head


Shear Testing
  • Immediate Undrained Shearbox
  • Consolidated Drained Shearbox
  • Laboratory Vane
Triaxial Testing
  • Quick Undrained Triaxial
  • Consolidated Undrained
    & Drained Triaxial
Effective Stress Testing
  • Isotropically Consolidated Undrained Test
  • Isotropically Consolidated Drained Test
Rock Testing
  • Measurement of Uniaxial
    Compressive Strength; UCS
  • Point Load; PL
Chemical Testing
  • pH value
  • Sulphate Content
  • Organic Content
  • Chloride Content
  • BRE SD1 Suite
  • BRE SD1 2005

Our accredited testing is described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here  

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